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Just a party.

In the darkness, they created.
They call on me for light.
In the chaos, they courted.
They call on me to fight.

They jump into danger,
then beg for my might.
Yet I'm naught but entertainer,
once they're free of plight.

They abuse my love and care,
when they risk and dare.
Safe in the knowledge:
That when they fall I'm there.

Then when I try to teach,
they accuse that I preach.
And offer me a cup,
of shut-the-fuck-up.

Well I've had enough,
of this childish behaviour.
I'll watch them fall and scuff,
like any other stranger.

I refuse to be saviour,

I'm excluded

I'm straight, I'm white.
Cheered you to your current might.

Understood your fear, that pain so near.
Stood by and dried your tear.

Never judged!
Never preached!
Never denied!
Never deceived!

Never self-righteous,
just respect and kindness.

I gave what I could.
Not just food.

Now you call me monster.
Now you call me hater.

Now you display me,
as what not to be.

Excuse me?

I'm the one who cheered,
when your flag first raised.
I'm the one who soothed,
when others called you weird.

Why am I not welcome,
at your queer event?
Why am I called scum,

Light-house keeper

It's not preaching,
just statements of fact.
I'm only speaking,
and hope you'll act.

It's not judging,
just the truth.
In your choosing,
live harsh or smooth.

The light-house can only warn,
it's your choice to heed or scorn.
To this I am sworn:
The choice yours to be borne.

No matter who might morn!

Far too often the light-house keeper,
has to shake his head in dread.
As captains choose to face the Reaper,
making ships and sailors dead.

Far too often the light-house keeper,
wonders why he's still at task.
When captains follow the Dreamer,

Too Heavy.

Once more into battle,
dented armour rattle,
sword and saddle.

The journey never short.
For lady to court,
again I face the hoard.

This old soldier,
rises for her.
To bleed again,
in Love's domain.

This Fool's quest,
at Cupid's behest.
Yet to persist,
one must risk.

Risk the peace,
for blessed release,
from lonely disease.
This time ... Please!

Once more to war.
Because I need more.
This peace ... Too sore.

So much to gain,
yet fear the pain,
of loosing ... Again.

Please fair Valkyrie,
see this soldier worthy.
Grant me victory,
or final mercy.

Heal we can.

Heal we can and heal we shall,
Though we traverse the depths of Hell.
Only angels who fell, have truths to tell.


Lady Of the Ocean (Part 3) - First Day

My corpse, now feeds a crow.
Though soul in joyful glow.

Prophecy smiles, Wisdom nods.
These three sods,
did their jobs.

We turn our sight to Lady Rose.
Though miss her final pose.
Yet witness Enemy's woes.

Clutching staff to stand,
her strength no more at hand.

Sea: "Thank you child."
Land: "Thank you child."

Rose now hand in hand,
with both sea and land.

Leave for garden green.
Never again, to be seen.

Three souls linger,
to see the Redeemer.
As survivors rise,
in dawn's surprise.

No more cities,
no more village.

All to dust,
and foolish past.

Lady Of the Ocean (Part 2) - The Last Day

Upon those hills so tall,
will be my final fall.
Foreign friends will heed the call.

One of prophecy, on my left.
One of wisdom, on my right.
Protecting Rose's might.

We'll fight and die,
beneath bright sky.
Around us, corpses lie.

Vengeance in full form.
Seas behind me storm,
announcing Rose's swarm.
From here, new day is born.

There we three will bleed.
Victorious in defeat.
Foolish enemies will bleat.

Prophecy falls first,
Wisdom falls last.
I, but a footnote past.
Defiant to the last.

We don't survive,
to see first day.
The few who do,
for us will pray.

Lady Of the Ocean (Part 1) - Lady Of the Ocean

This lady of the ocean,
a picture of devotion.
Standing dark and tall,
the seas at beck and call.

Staff above her head,
brings armies to dread.
Though tears she shed,
for ones long dead.

Dark seas wash away,
stains of yesterday.
There's more at play,
her pain will stay.

For strength she'll pray,
an answer to decay.
On that darkest day,
her faith will pay.

On shores of bloody sand,
you'll see her stand.
That staff in hand,
binds sea and land.

All historic sources,
will affirm as causes.
These titanic forces,
cleansing all discourses.

Even Worldreaver,

Broken Tune

Once a beautiful Melodie,
rustled leaves in harmony.
Within a very big tree.

Lovingly so,
swaying too and fro,
yet evil inside did grow.

At a wedding the tune,
to hatred did swoon,
killing the loving groom.

Now it does rot,
in sickly red fog,
yet hope dies not.

The return of that song,
the leaves do long.
Come back where you belong.

Stop singing off-key,
Return heart to glee.
Come home, fair Melodie.


Still you love him.

The demon you saw,
his mask no more.
His dark soul revealed,
nothing concealed.

Still, you loved him?

The pain you endured,
no future assured.
With darkness returned,
a soul scorched and burned.

Still, you loved him!

His mind shattered,
his will battered.
His need to feed,
a painful greed.

Still ... You love him!

That infernal Angel?
That gentle Demon?
That half-thing!

Still ...

He loves you.

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