Three Turns

Before you read this poem, be prepared to be confused. I wrote it in the train on the way to work on 18 April 2012.
From start to finish it took no more than 15 minutes and I still don't understand how I manged to rip this out with hardly a thought.

All that aside though; it has meaning, intent, and more importantly, it does carry a message. So, have fun figuring it out. While I work on getting a nice explanation and analysis ready.

Three Turns
Turn, turn, turn twirling in the sky.
Free, as flapping butterfly.
Laughter with tears, but never do we cry.

Turn, turn, turn circles in the sand.
Shout to the universe: "We are grand!"
Ignorant of God's design, we never make a stand.

Turn, turn, turn those wheels of the mind.
There the sane see, the end of our kind.
In glorious 3D, our lives will grind.

Turn, turn, turn now turn some more.
Greed and apathy, leaves nought but gore.
Our home with us, will settle the score.

Turn, turn, turn your eyes to the sky.
Weep, for the flapping butterfly.
It's innocence, none may deny.

Turn, turn, turn that last little spin.
It's not your fault, it's not a sin.
Remember that, and die with a grin.