I'm excluded

I'm straight, I'm white.
Cheered you to your current might.

Understood your fear, that pain so near.
Stood by and dried your tear.

Never judged!
Never preached!
Never denied!
Never deceived!

Never self-righteous,
just respect and kindness.

I gave what I could.
Not just food.

Now you call me monster.
Now you call me hater.

Now you display me,
as what not to be.

Excuse me?

I'm the one who cheered,
when your flag first raised.
I'm the one who soothed,
when others called you weird.

Why am I not welcome,
at your queer event?
Why am I called scum,
and told to repent?

I was there, to solidly declare:
That laws should be fair!
Of your colour none should care!

Yet now you call me racist,
because I'm not black.
Now you call me sexist,
with genitals in a sack.

I held you when you cried.
Always took your side.
Even bled in the fight.
Yet now that things are right,
you treat me with such slight?

Excuse me?

What the flying fuck!
I helped pull you from the muck!
In Your defence, I suffered torment!
Now You say You resent,
what I represent?

Are you really just as bad,
as the ones who made You sad?

I'm straight, I'm white.
You can't stand my sight!
By virtue of being man,
I'm somehow unwanted clan.

I stand alone and wonder why,
You won't hold my when I cry.
Why do You deny,
that I too can die?

Why when You are freed,
do you make me bleed?

Why when all's concluded ...


DJB - 2023-10-16