The Beast

You call me an angel, the perfect man,
you both love and fear me.
Unlike any other, I can,
perceive every possibility.

A mission you had,
to find my flaw.
Yet failed to understand:
No flaw, is what you are looking for.

Yes I am perfect,
yes I understand.
I treat you with respect,
with love I make my stand.

I defy category,
while you see as perfect,
what I see as mandatory.
And to be quite direct,
to me belongs the glory.

For I will not alter,
my way of life.
Where most falter,
I’ll succeed the strife.

Yet being perfect,
Is a lonely prospect.
And does not mean I am correct,
In either emotion, or intellect.

You fail to see my pain.
As I seek no personal gain.
Happiness to me,
is when others experience glee.

This world is to small for me,
as my hart is free,
to love unconditionally,
and show mercy.

Free so much,
I could crush,
those that stand between me,
and eternity.

Yet I choose to apply,
this power with wisdom.
Even when it makes me cry,
in my lonely kingdom.

From this throne I occupy,
with sorrow I see your fears.
My eyes are never dry,
therefore this river of tears.

This great power I yield,
is all that you can see.
You search for a shield,
despair at what I could be.

I am the scary beast,
you are the fearful beauty.
I prepare a feast,
while others conspire to kill me.

Man destroys what he fails to understand,
I am the target.
They come with blazing brand.
Yet I forgive and forget,
regardless of where you stand.

Now I must flee,
or face hurting those, who hate me.
I hear their cries of victory,
as I retreat with grace and dignity.

The only question I ask of thee:
When will this world understand me?
Why do you choose not to see,
all I am... is lonely?