Off to see the wizard.

So today finally arrived. It's been a long time coming and I must admit, there were times that I strongly doubted things would ever get this far. It's done though and now I have to turn my thoughts to the future.

But before I do that, let me tell you about today.

I got a phone call from Jewan, from XLNT panelbeaters at 9am sharp, asking if I'm ready for Christn to be picked up. He sounded quite happy when I told him all was ready. Not to long afterwards, they arrived and
Christn was let out of the garage for the first time since the end of February. Luckily, we were blessed with sunny skies for the majority of the day, so we didn't have to battle the wet this time.

Right before we left I asked Jewan and his dad (Johan) to pose for this photo. The photo itself, isn't great though.

During our trip we found that Chrsitn wasn't to happy with the A-frame, as her wheels didn't want to turn with it. Jewan then got into Christn and sat on the center-column, steering Christn all the way to their shop. That's his head you see in the middle of Christn. I managed to take the pic while following them. Don't tell the coppers though :). Once at the shop you could tell that he's been sitting on an un-padded steel column for an uncomfortable amount of time. :)

After a short trip of about 20 minutes we arrived at the shop. Safe and sound.

As you can see here, Christn is in good company :D

This was the last picture I took of her, she barely got to her spot and I could already here the conversations turning towards the job ahead.

On a side note; a few minutes after arrival I was standing around taking pictures, a gentleman came walking off the street and his first words to me were "My dad had one of those."

He was rather delighted to hear that this one was being restored and cared for.

It was rather strange to arrive home and not see Christn in the garage. I've gotten into a routine of working on her at night when the rain wasn't to bad, it was exactly the kind of day that I would have donned my overall and walked into the garage to plan what would happen next.

Tonight however, I find strangely unsettling. My hands seem to want to hold a tool and do something. In desperation I ended up sanding some old wheel nuts, don't ask what I plan to do with them, as they are well beyond their shelf life. But at least my hands seemed happy for the activity.

Now however, I have to start on all the bits and peaces for when Christn get's home. I also need to sort out my garage. There's no sense in getting all this done on Christn, only to have her come back and stand exposed to the elements.

Stay tuned, you might see some of those activities recorded here.