The Wanderer

From place to place, I travel alone.
This vast universe, my house and home.

Battles, great and small.
I've seen them all.
Some won, some lost.
Some cheap, Some at terrible cost.

Friends are few and far between.
To far, it would seem.
Yet love I've had and love I've lost.
Sometimes sad, sometimes not.

At times I need to cry,
At times I know not why.
Yet often, for ones gone bye.

The years are kind,
The days are murder.
An answer I find
helps carry me further.

Here I chose to stay a while.
Perhaps a day, perhaps another mile.
Relations will be made and broken,
The next leg of my journey; unspoken.

This bitter-sweet road, I travel with a smile.
It's there to be traveled, and not a trial.
Another day, another place
Another body, another face.

First it was foot, then horse, car and plane,
Somewhere in-between, ships came.
My method of travel, though plain,
With each step, wisdom do I gain.

I’ll meet you once more when the journeys done.
Maybe then, we’ll see it was fun,
Or even better; that it’s just begun.