A few choice words.

Well, most of the interior came out today, things like the dashboard, and door panels. But the one thing that finally relented and allowed me to remove it, was the right headlight. Several small grinding stones, a drill bit and a few choice words, rewarded me with:

This of course, is the easy part. Stripping is far more forgiving than assembly. Here's the passenger side door, right before I removed the arm rest.

The dash board is out. I'm rather irritated with myself about this one. I managed to bend one of the chrome strips on it. I wouldn't have felt so bad if they weren't in such damn good condition.

Of the interior, only the seat-belts and roof lining remain. That and the electronics is a job for Sunday. Tomorrow will be focused on getting the engine out.

The fourth bin is slowly filling up with parts.

And here we have my pet peeve. These are white reflectors, rather unique to South Africa. They attach to the front, right under the head lights. I managed to get these off, in a way that will allow me to use them again, but they look rather shot. I had a problem with Lady (my beetle) as I couldn't find any of them for the love of money. After many months of irritating scrap-yard dealers, my father, wife and myself, I finally relented and fabricated a set.

If anyone knows where I can get new ones. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me know!