Gearing down.

Sorry, no pictures today. I was working under a bit of a deadline and could not take the time to press the proverbial button.

I have a rear suspension, that I took off of a Fastback, that became the parts train for Christn. This still had the gearbox on it, and after seeing Christn's gearbox, I decided to rather use the Fastback one. So tonight was spent taking the axles out so I can package it and send it, to a man I trust with rebuilding it.

The dis-assembly was rather interesting and took about 4 hours. I was lucky that my neighbor was able to lend a hand, because the right side bearing was seriously stuck. That's what ended up taking all the time. We eventually employed a huge bench press and some heat to convince it to come off.

Eventually, everything was off and I wrapped the gearbox in 4 layers of bin liner, to make sure that no more oil leaks out. Strangely enough though, only about two cups of oil came out. It was seriously low and I'm rather glad I decided to get it re-built.

But that's about it, the night's activities in a nut shell. I don't have much planned for tomorrow, but if I do get up to some mischief I'll try to keep the camera at hand.