The real world.

Yes I know, I've been more than just quiet for way to long. Unfortunately, I'm a subject to this thing they call reality. Here there are no magic wands and if you want something you have to damn well work for it.

I'm proud however, of what I've achieved over the last few months. Not only on Christn but also at work.
But this is about Christn so I won't bore you with the work details. One thing though, you will have to ignore the dates on the pictures below. They are completely wrong as the camera was not set correctly.

Be warned though, a lot has happened and there are quite a few pictures here.

Getting on with it then :D

The process started with further dis-assembly, which led to the discovery of interesting surprises and more of that iron-oxide pains in the (_|_).

And then the prepping started.

Some more cancer discoveries

More prep work:

And off the pan she goes :D

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the pan nearing completion. I'll have to post pictures when I get her back, before putting the carpets in. These pictures will give you an idea of what needed to be fixed.

And on the dolly she goes :D

And now it is time for me to shut up, and let the pictures do some serious talking.

I did go and visit her, she is back on the pan and it is now time to start re-assembly.

I'll try not to take as long with my future updates. :D