Panels and Parcels

The last few days I have been entreated to a personalized hell, consisting of various body pains combined with the inability to breathe. Yes, you've guessed it, I had a nasty visit from the flue virus.

Anyway, I left you hanging at last Friday night, when I did the gearbox. Saturday morning I started on the door panels. I'm cutting new ones and I'll be covering them myself.

First, I took the old ones apart. In the photo below, at the top is the original vinyl that was still on the board. At the bottom you see the stuff it was covered with and in the middle is the original board. The photo makes it look better than it is.

I used the original board as a template, and proceeded to manufacture the new boards.

By the time I was done I patted myself on the back. Honestly, getting a closer fit will require laser cutting.

If I'm in any way out with these, it can not be detected by hand or eye.

And that was the point at which I ran out of hard board, so I turned my attention to the parcel tray.
It took far more attention and patience to dis-assemble than I thought it would.

The photo below, is of the original mesh, used in the parcel tray. I don't think I'll be going the same route again. I'd much rather make a hard board or tin insert that gets covered with vinyl. It would round off the look much better.

That is as far as I got on Saturday, at which point all life and excitement got drained out of me by some succubus virus, handed to me while I wasn't paying attention. Since then, I've made several attempts at being productive, both at work and at home. All in vain.

But this afternoon I simply could not take it anymore. I had to get something done. ANYTHING.
So I struggled into my overall and made my way into the garage, where the parcel tray immediately accosted me for having left it in it's current state.

For the first time in about a week I smiled and attacked it with the disk sander.

After I got it nice and clean I gave it a solid coating of NS-1.

And finally it got a few coats of silver spray paint.

At least now it's properly defended against the demons of rust, and my desperate need for doing something has been temporarily satiated.

With any amount of luck, I'll be paying Christn a visit this coming Saturday, to see what has happened since I last left her. Then a trip to the hardware store to get more hard board for the rest of the door panels and a trip to a local vinyl supplier, where I plan to (at least) decide what colours and shades I'll be using.

Now if only I can get rid of this !@#$!@# flu.