It never rains, but it pours.

Down here, in my corner of the world, it's rainy season. This does not bode well for any attempts at restoring just about anything. But even more so for Christn. I'm not exactly flush with the green that makes the world go round. So I have to make do and be inventive when dealing with problems.

In this particular case, the problem was a very wet floor pan. If I had a hair dryer handy, or something similar, I would have used it to get rid of the moisture. Perhaps it was a good thing I didn't, because the solution that eventually came to me, was rather ingenious. All credit for this one goes to my wife. After consulting her, she simply said: "Pour flour over it!"

YES! It worked like a charm. The pan was bone dry by the time I finished.

The worst of the wetness ;) was in the front.

Here you can see the flour actually sticking to the wet sections of the pan. I allowed the flour to settle for a few minutes and then brushed the dry flour off with a paint brush. The wet flour was attacked with a steel brush.

The left side all nice and clean, the dark patch you see is not water, it's the Q20 I sprayed on the cover plate in preparation for taking it off.

Now this is a product I'll never run out of in my garage, ever! Snowflake Cake Flour, I can attest to their slogan: "Too fresh to flop". Wither or not they ever intended it to be used this way, is irrelevant in my universe. IT WORKS :D

The proof is here, by the time I was done, I could not feel any moisture left on the pan. I also sprayed Q20 on the pedal assembly as a preparation for dismantling.