Gears and Covers.

Yes, there has not been an update from me in quite some time.

No, I've not been sitting idle :D

First bit of news, is that my gearbox has gone there and back again. I had it overhauled at Bugger Transmissions. They have an incredible rap in the community when it comes to their gearboxes. I'm also lucky enough to know the owner personally. So there is no doubt in my mind as to the quality of this rebuild. Here are some pictures of the final product, awaiting installation.

Now that's the work that others have done for me, and here is some work I've been doing myself.
I've been making new door panels for Christn, and covering them in vinyl.

Here are the front panels in the process of being covered.

I finally got to making the back panels last Friday.

Yes, the parcel tray also got a board that has been covered.

And here they all are, done and awaiting Christn's return.

Here's a picture I took to see what the panels would look like with the black interior. This was taken against my living room suite, which happens to have been made out of black vinyl as well.

Personally, I think that's going to go down incredibly well.

For anyone tackling this kind of thing, I have the following advice:
1. This is an easy thing to do.
2. But it is ridiculously time consuming.

i.e. If you don't have the time to do this. Don't.