Future Reflections

Things are rather slow now that Christn isn't home. So I'm doing the things I can while she's away.

Last night was a failed experiment involving tin, some metal cutters, body putty and quick drying spray. It was interesting, but a complete botch. The purpose being to get an estimate of how long it would take to manufacture side boards for Christn, out of tin. Needless to say... that isn't an option anymore.

But tonight was a bit more successful. If you've been keeping track of the happenings, you would have noted my comment on the white reflectors at the end of A few choice words.

Well, I've gone high and wide when I was looking for a set for Lady. In the end I relented, and manufactured my own. They don't look anything like the original ones, but they are at least round (I despise the awful look of the rectangular ones) and the same size as the original.

Here's how I work that particular brand of magic.

Pay a visit to just about any decent bicycle shop, and get a few of these:

Now slip the reflector off of it's backing plate.

The basic idea is to get a 5X60mm screw type nut and bolt attached to the reflector. You can probably do that in a million and one ways, but here's how I managed it.

I sawed off the clamp portion of the backing plate and sand/file/grind the backing plate down flat. Then I drill a 5mm hole in the center of the plate, bevel it a bit with a drill-stone so that the bolt won't interfere with the sliding action of the back plate, and pop the bolt through the hole.

Finally, slip the backing plate back into the reflector and presto:

I'm still looking for the original ones though. So I'd greatly appreciate any info on where I might track some down.

Just as a side note here; Do not attempt to take pictures of a reflector, from it's front, even without a flash :D
Trust me, it doesn't work.