Spagetti Incident

First thing this morning, I had a little negotiation with that "Clown's bracket", using a grinder. Luckily I had a small grind blade left form previous use, that allowed me to get into the cramped space. The negotiations were swift and the rear bumper finally came off.

Next were those beautiful red reflectors at the back. I've been treating them with Q20 for the past 3 days, because I know they are an absolute pain to get off. Too many of these reflectors have been destroyed in the attempt to remove them. Here, Q20 did all the work for me, and I was able to remove them without damage.

But now we get to the task of the day: Get the electronics out.

I find it remarkable, that something as innocent as this:

Can become a raving monster like this:

Those little white blocks you see, are my labels. Yes, I labeled every connection, every last one!

Carefully working my way through the spaghetti, I slowly managed to free the fusebox, button controller, relay, flasher unit, ignition and dials.

With all the components removed, it now looks like this:

A few other things also came out. Amongst them were the top halves of the seat-belts, the sun visors, rear view mirror and last but not least, the interior light.

The fourth bin is now experiencing the fullness of time :)

That's just about all I can do for the time being, with any amount of luck Christn will be at the panel shop tomorrow. I'll try go get to her at least once a week to record progress.

But here's one more story before I shut down shop for the night.

The rain came in spurts today, every now and then it would let up for a while. I had the builders plastic that I use to cover Christn, lying down the driveway. My cat discovered this and hand hours of fun chasing after the rain water flowing down the plastic in little rivulets. At least one of us was enjoying the wet weather :)