Doing the strip-teaze.

Yup, the sun gods have been kind and I've had a few days to get some stripping done. Unfortunately Murphy and his law payed a visit, so I didn't get to everything I wanted to get done.

I started off by spraying the wheel nuts and bumper bolts with Q20. During the process I found that someone decided to be funny and welded a bracket OVER one of the bolts of the rear bumper. I'll have to grind the bracket off to get to the bolt. But to do that I'll have to get the engine out. So the rear bumper is still on.

I also took the hub caps off and gave them a wash before placing them in one of the bins I bought. That's where they'll stay until they are needed again.

Here are some pictures of what I've achieved tonight.
The tail lights came off first

Taking some advice from people that have done this before, I decided to tag everything that remotely resembles future confusion.

In this particular case I don't want the spray painters to spray over my tags, so I sealed them with some black bin-liner.

As I do the stripping of Christn, it has become abundantly clear, that her previous spray job was done in a rush. You can see it here, the number plate bracket and it's bolts have been left on for that spray job. These will definitely be off for her next spray painting.

On the note of spray painting. I had a visit from my chosen panel beater and spray painters. They will be here on Monday to pick Christn up... so I'm on a time-line to get her stripped now.

Other than the rear bumper, progress was rather swift.

Until I reached the front-right headlight. The screw holding it down has a stripped head. Many curse words were uttered while I attempted to remove it. I finally decided to let it be and drill it out either tomorrow or the day after.

Here is the fourth bin, slowly filling with parts, as they come off.

Something interesting that I discovered, again, while working tonight. The previous owner was kind enough to let me have theses. They are original (never been used) door handle shields. Their days of lying about will soon be over, as I do plan to use them.